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Microsoft Azure Certifications: Which Is Right For You

Microsoft Azure Certifications: Which Is Right For You

Cloud Computing is one of the leading industries in the Information Technology(IT) landscape. More and more businesses are moving towards cloud services for storing data and managing the business. The experts have recorded an increase of 17% growth in the cloud computing infrastructure as of 2022. This also led to the increasing demand for IT professionals who are well-versed with the dynamics of cloud computing. 

For this reason, many companies have created their cloud services to train individuals and develop their skills in using their products and services. Microsoft is one such leading cloud computing service in the existing landscape. It also offers Microsoft Azure Certifications to validate your skills and knowledge. 

 Are you ready to ace your IT career by badging a certificate in one of the most in-demand skills? Well, you just landed on the perfect article. Here are some of the Microsoft Azure Certifications that will help you boost your cloud career.

Why Choose Microsoft Azure Certifications? 

Microsoft Azure Certifications are best known to provide detailed knowledge and practice skills to enhance your cloud career potential. The Azure Certifications add validation to your experience, knowledge, and ski which further helps you to build a high-paying cloud career. Besides adding value to your care it also strengthens your expertise in cloud computing. Plus, being a global certification program it also opens doors for new opportunities. 

Which Certification Is Right For You? 

To make the selection process easier, Microsoft offers certifications on three levels: Fundamental level, Associate level, and Expert level. Read the full article to know more about them

Fundamental Level Certification or The Microsoft Azure AZ-900 Exam :

The fundamental level certification exam is designed for beginners to give them a brief introduction to the cloud concepts. It is the first exam one need to pass to kick start their cloud career. Whether you belong from a technical background or a non-technical background, you can go for the course as it provides a stronger understanding of Azure cloud services as well as basic cloud concepts such as pricing, scheduling of the businesses, and more. Have basic cloud knowledge, and get a real-time experience by solving az-900 exam questions here. 

Associate Level Certifications:

The associate-level certification comes in eight different variants targetting different objectives. We will cover five basics for you. 

1. Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-103 :

This exam is taken by individuals who want to validate their controlling, monitoring, maintaining, and implementing cloud skills offered by Microsoft Azure. 

2. Microsoft Azure Developer AZ-203 :

To work as an Azure developer and build, design and maintain cloud applications services. 

3. Microsoft Azure Security Engineer AZ-500 :

To develop a deeper knowledge in the field to manage and secure cloud-computing solutions. 

4. Microsoft Azure AI Engineer AI-100 :

To provide Artificial Intelligence-oriented solutions. 

5. Microsoft Azure Data Scientist DP-100 :

For individuals, striving to validate their data science solutions on Azure. 

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Expert Level Certifications:

There are two expert-level certifications, namely The Microsoft Azure Solution Architect AZ-300 and The Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-301 which help gain expertise in cloud computing and get one of the highest possible jobs in the IT sector. 

So these were some of the types of certifications that you can check out for yourself. 

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Microsoft Azure Certifications: Which Is Right For You

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