You are currently viewing Japan eases foreign tourism ban, allows guided package tours

Japan eases foreign tourism ban, allows guided package tours

Japan eases foreign tourism ban, allows guided package tours

Friday is the first day to start the procedures necessary for entry, and arrivals are not expected before the end of June at the earliest, even if the immigration and quarantine offices of the airport were held for possible arrivals.

Japan Tourism Agency says that visits are accepted in 98 countries and regions, notably the United States, Great Britain, China, South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore, which are considered to have a low risk of infection.

The partial resumption of international tourism in Japan is based on experience in late May. This involved around 50 participants, mainly employees of the Australian tour agency, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States.

In this case, a visit to a group of four members was canceled when one of the participants tested positive for COVID-19 after arriving in Japan.

Under directives, participants are asked to wear facial masks and buy insurance to cover medical costs in case they contract COVID-19. The rules do not define a ceiling for the number of people in a group, but the tour guides must be present throughout the tour.

After being criticized for its strict border controls being xenophobic, Japan began to alleviate restrictions earlier this year. On June 1, he doubled his ceiling on daily entries to 20,000 people per day, including Japanese citizens, international students, and certain business travelers.

The daily limit will include participants in the Tour package for the moment, and those responsible say that it will take a while before foreign visitors can come to Japan for free and individual.

Tourism activities entering Japan have slept during the pandemic, and even if the country welcomes tourists and their expenses, infection problems persist among the Japanese, especially in popular tourist destinations.

Unlike most Western countries where the mask port has been largely abandoned, most people continue to wear them even in situations, such as outdoor in unleveraged environments, where they are no longer requested.

Japan always declares more than 10,000 new COVVI-19 cases daily, although the number in Tokyo is less than 2,000.

The last mask-bearing rule asks people to carry them on public transport systems, hospitals, and other public facilities. People can remove their masks outside when others are not there or do not speak strong.

We do not know how popular package visit options will be with foreign tourists, most of whom have to ask for tourist visas that can take weeks to obtain. But the yen is negotiated at 20 years against the US dollar and weak against other important currencies, which would travel a good deal in the country at a high cost.

The arrivals of foreign tourists fell by more than 90% in 2020, compared to a record of 31.9 million in the previous year, almost destroying the per-country tourism market of more than 4 yen billion (30 billion dollars).

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Japan eases foreign tourism ban, allows guided package tours

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