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How to Reactivate Roblox account after ban for 7 days or 3 days

To reactivate Roblox account after ban for 7 days you can clear cookies on web browser, re-login to your Roblox account, or contact Roblox support team if nothing works.

Roblox is a swiftly widening entertainment society that accommodates both gamers and designers. Roblox Studios provides designers with a broad range of versatility and options, opening up a world of possibilities. Coders appreciate working on new notions, and it appears that gamers enjoy doing the same.

Every day, programmers create a wide range of genres and new titles, with only a few of them becoming well-known due to their unique concept. The Roblox community is very close to both players and developers. Gamers enthusiastically support new games, benefiting both creators and designers.

The Roblox community has players of all age groups. Hence, they have got really strict policies that the players need to adhere to to maintain the integrity of the game and ensure a seamless gameplay experience for all people alike.

In this article, we will be talking about the aforementioned topic. So, let’s get into it.

What is a Roblox Ban?

A ban is a kind of account restriction that may happen whenever a player breaches the Roblox Terms of Service. Players are generally issued cautions during their first several infractions, and the number of warnings a player may get before being banned varies.

Accounts may be terminated without even any previous warnings or orders if the offense is severe, such as fraud, phishing, stealing, game piracy, or violation of the law.

Check out our article on how to get banned fast on Roblox.  to know more about the activities that can get you banned on Roblox.

Users that break the rules, mistreat others, or use foul language are barred from the Roblox service. There are two types of bans on Roblox. A Place ban prohibits you from visiting a specific Place whereas an authoritative ban stops you from visiting your account for many days.

The creator of a Roblox Place has the power to ban or unban users at any time. Every one of the names has a use policy that you must adhere to in order to prevent embarrassment. Always follow the rules and behave properly

Types of Ban in Roblox

Roblox accounts that break the Terms of Use (ToU) or Community Rules would be blocked by the Roblox moderation system. The period of time an account is banned is determined by the seriousness of the activity. The levels are as follows:

  • Warning – If a user agrees to the Terms of Service, they will be able to access their account immediately. This level is occasionally used to give feedback to users on their work.
  • 1-day ban starting 24 hours after moderation was started.
  • 3-day suspension – 72 hours from the start of moderation.
  • 7–day ban – one week from the start of moderation.
  • Deletion – The account has been closed and cannot be reactivated automatically.

How to Reactivate Roblox account after ban for 7 days

Furthermore, a user may be banned from a specific game; nevertheless, this ban is only enforced by a game administrator, not a Roblox administrator. These bans are often carried out via an admin command script.

Unbanned Roblox users may have difficulty signing back in using Google Chrome or Firefox. Consider using Internet Explorer or the Roblox browser to log in.

Exit all tabs on your computer and reopen the one you wish to fix. Choose a non-Roblox website, like If you’re using Firefox, go to “Tools,” then “Options,” “Privacy,” and “Show Cookies.” To delete browser cookies, select “Remove All Cookies.” If you’re using Internet Explorer, go to “Tools,” then “Internet Options,” and finally “General.” To erase cookies from the browser, choose “delete cookies.” –

Go to the Roblox main page. Check that your user’s name is not currently logged in to the website (it should not be). To recover your account, log in using your login credentials.

Roblox has been severely chastised in recent years for its inadequate monitoring of user accounts. Many gamers allege to have gotten a bogus ban and contact Support, only to be told that they cannot assist them.

  • #4 Contact Roblox Support

Players are advised to even use the Roblox Support form to dispute a moderation action. If the moderation action is found to be erroneous, it may be reversed. Responses to appeals may take a long time.

You could also try contacting the Customer Support Roblox. Go to the Roblox website and find the Support section of the page.

It will bring you to the Contact Us page where you have to fill in the requisite information related to your account.

If your account has been banned or regulated, you may contact the Roblox Appeals team to have the issue reviewed.

The Appeals team will review the modification and make any required changes to the moderation status of your account. An appeal does not ensure that your ban will be lifted.

To Make a Case for Moderation:

Use the support form to contact the Appeals team.

Include the following:

  • Username for the account
  • A brief statement regarding the reason for your appeal

When filing an appeal, there are certain limitations:

  • An appeal must be filed within 30 days after the account’s moderation action.
    A judgment cannot be reviewed again after it has been reviewed.
  • Numerous complaints about the same account moderation action will not be considered.

However, Roblox accounts usually reactivate on their own after the duration of the ban. So, for most users, the account should get reactivated shortly after the completion of the 7-day ban on Roblox.

So, our team would suggest, that players be patient and check by logging into their accounts regularly following the period of the ban, If it doesn’t work, putting forth the issue in front the Roblox Customer Support is always an option.

That is how you might go about trying to reactivate your account after the 7-day ban on Roblox.


1. How to reactivate your Roblox account after ban

To reactivate your Roblox account after ban, you can trying restarting your browser or Roblox application. After that, try reinstalling the Roblox App on your device. If you play Roblox on browser, you will have to clear cookies to continue. After that log in Roblox app again, this should work. If it doesn’t, contact Roblox support and describe your issue.

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