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How to earn Melee Master Medal in COD Mobile (BR)

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the highest acquired and loved first-person shooter games in the massive cellular gaming business. With the introduction of every season arrives a fresh and creative influx of characters, guns, maps, and modes, and this is precisely what draws gamers from all over the world to the encounter.

Activision has frequently pushed above and beyond to add new products and unlockable content in COD Mobile in order to have players hooked and active throughout the season.

Following Activision’s move to update the Seasonal Sequence, COD Mobile is now in its fourth season. To really be truthful, it is simultaneously surprising and impressive that the Devs haven’t ever run out of excuses and have often gone above and beyond to bring a lot of innovative and unique content to the game with each successive season. In this post, we will discuss something related to the recently released COD Mobile content.

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How to earn Melee Master Medal in COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has essentially consistently emphasized rewarding players and making them feel pleased with their accomplishments, regardless of how big or small. That is primarily why the game boasts unique features such as achievements, awards, and trophies.

Such awards are often used to evaluate a player’s talents, response time, and other key competencies. These medals also serve as a measure of a player’s success and advancement in the game. Presently, there really are 86 Medals attainable both for the Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes.

Season 4 of COD Mobile has introduced brand-new Seasonal Events to the game. These tasks are essentially a series of quests that gamers must accomplish in order to obtain various decorative prizes, Battle XP, Credits, and other items.

One of the latest events under the Seasonal Events section is the Razor Sharp event. The Razor Sharp event is an amalgamation of 7 unique missions/tasks which the players can complete in order, to attain some really intriguing rewards including the Brand-new melee weapon – The Sickle.

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One of the missions under the Razor Sharp section of Seasonal events is to get the Melee Master medal in a Battle Royale match once, excluding the Warfare mode. Some players seem to be stuck here. Fret not, we will help you complete the task.

So, to earn Melee master medal, players must kill four or more opponents using a melee weapon. Nevertheless, this can only be accomplished in the battle royale classic mode, and not in the warfare mode.

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We would suggest you drop at the very last from the dropship. This way, there might be a possibility that some bots also land with you. That way, you can get some easy kills with the melee weapon right away.

Players must complete this task during the Razor sharp event to gain the punk skull spray and go on to unlock Sickle in COD Mobile. Now you guys know how to get the Melee Master Medal in COD Mobile.

Go ahead and start slaying the enemies with your melee weapons in BR matches.

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