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How much does warrior babe cost? Things To Consider When Choosing Warrior Babe Program – The Blue Monkey Restaurant & Pizzeria

The digital world is the only way to get things done every day in times of crisis. If you work out frequently and like being physically active, you’ve probably heard of warrior chick.

How much does warrior babe cost

How much does warrior babe cost

If you’re wondering what the hype is about, warrior chick is an online workout program that will help you stay healthy throughout the lockdown.

This article is for you if you want to subscribe to warrior chick. Choosing an online fitness program is more difficult than it seems. Many various aspects must be considered to get the ideal figure.

Before you join Warrior Babe, think about the following:

WarriorBabe Overview

Multiple components of the WarriorBabe program assist educate women about how their bodies operate and react to different diets and training regimens. The WarriorBabe Blueprint contains seven weeks of content, worksheets, and live Q&A sessions that you may do on your own time.

How much does warrior babe cost

How much does warrior babe cost

You’ll watch the videos, get a list of action items to accomplish and gain access to key resources and templates that will help you succeed if you participate actively. The advantage of following this tried-and-true method is that you’ll start to see results right away, giving you the chance to make modifications and ask questions as you go.

You’ll also receive lifelong access to the curriculum as well as professional mentoring to help you retrain your brain to perform better. You’ll also receive personalized WarriorBabe meal plans and WarriorBabe training videos emailed to your phone or account when you join the WarriorBabe VIP program.

What programs do you have available?

There are two programs available:

1) The Blueprint of the WarriorBabe

  • The Warrior Babe Blueprint was developed to teach a total novices how to take charge of their body and their appearance for the rest of their lives! With a 7-week online course, downloadable action items, live Q&A calls, and a network of strong women, this program goes even further. From the ground up, you’ll discover how to regulate your body composition using macronutrients and exercise.
  • The key distinctions are the Blueprint’s higher-level notions, which include:
    • A seven-week Masterclass that will teach you about macronutrients, exercises, and developing a disciplined mentality.
    • You will learn how to utilize macronutrients in regular life scenarios such as vacations, events, traveling, and working with a hectic schedule during the masterclass so that you may enjoy macronutrients as a lifestyle.
    • You’ll also know precisely how to alter your macronutrient numbers, so if you ever feel like your progress has slowed, you’ll be able to grin with confidence knowing how to adjust your macronutrient numbers.
    • This skill puts you in command and on track to achieve your objectives.
    • In addition to those fantastic “how-to’s,” you’ll be able to comprehend what’s going on inside your body with your hormones and metabolism, ensuring that everything is for you to reach your desired results on the outside. If you have thyroid issues or are suffering from adrenal exhaustion, you’ll be able to learn about the best natural ways to treat your body.
    • Lifetime access to the program
    • Free access to an outstanding app that gives extra training regimens.


2) The VIP Warriorbabe.

What makes the VIP app unique, you may wonder? It’s top-notch software that leaves no space for mistakes. There’s no need to second-guess whether you calculated your macros accurately or create an exercise plan. You won’t have to worry about what to eat for before or after exercise meals since Nikkiey and her team of instructors will take care of it for you!!! All you have to do is open the app, look at the calendar, and follow up with your custom-made daily routine. There are also videos for each exercise so you can feel confident doing each one. You’ll also receive one-on-one time with your coach.

This software offers a personalized nutrition plan tailored to your body type and objectives. What you may anticipate discovering inside is as follows:

  • The nutrition will include all a person’s needs and desires to achieve their fitness and body objectives. Your one-on-one coach will compute macros.
  • We’ll tweak your diet as needed throughout the program to ensure you never reach a plateau and keep moving toward your objectives!
  • You’ll also get a workout regimen tailored to your needs. It may be done at home or in a well-equipped gym. We’ve got you covered if you only have four days to train. It’s fantastic if you can train for six days. A schedule will be supplied with the specific exercises to undertake and the amount of cardio to do to meet your objectives.
  • There are hundreds of training videos that explain each exercise in depth so you can be certain that you know precisely what you need to accomplish. You’ll update us on your progress every week with photos and measurements.
  • You’ll also get access to our Warriorbabe VIP group, as well as our VIP Huddle & Q&A sessions, which are conducted twice a week via Zoom and allow you to talk live with all of the other VIP members.

Is the Program Helpful in Achieving Your Fitness Objectives?

How much does warrior babe cost

How much does warrior babe cost

The first and most significant factor to evaluate is whether or not a program will help you reach your fitness goals. There are many different online programs ideal for varied needs, whether you wish to reduce weight or develop muscles.

If your fitness aim is to seem physically fit, for example, you’ll need to look at programs designed to achieve that goal. Check out the warrior babe plan for this, which teaches you how to manage your body and accomplish your objective in four distinct methods.

Is the program user-friendly?

How much does warrior babe cost

How much does warrior babe cost

Several organizations are difficult to join and have a variety of conditions to meet. Some programs adhere to the regulations to keep their platforms safe and free of fraud and gimmicks.

Some online fitness programs lack a responsive website, implying that they can only be accessed via a smartphone or computer.

Intensity Muscle Level

The degree of intensity is the next key factor to consider when picking a warrior chick program. If your body can’t take it, don’t try to join an extreme program in the hopes of getting quicker results.

How much does warrior babe cost

How much does warrior babe cost

You should go slowly and avoid overworking your muscles. You should choose a program that matches your degree of intensity.

Think about your schedule.

How much does warrior babe cost

How much does warrior babe cost

Knowing your schedule is the most crucial element to consider when selecting an online training program. Even if you get a membership to the greatest training program, it will be pointless if it does not fit into your schedule.

In this pandemic, everyone has their schedule, and finding time for personal activities is difficult. Make careful to choose an exercise routine that works for you. Additionally, attempt to choose an adaptable software.

There are still a lot of things to think about before deciding on an online training program, whether it’s warrior chick or something else. In addition, the warrior chick youtube channel offers several videos in which genuine users are interviewed about their experiences and software components. So far, the warrior chick has received great feedback. Trainers are serious about giving quality training and have zero tolerance for bad conduct from those who are not serious about getting in shape.


How much does warrior babe cost?

The warrior babe blueprint costs $1497.

What is the Warrior Babe blueprint?

Warrior babe blueprint is an online 7-module course with live Q&A calls, action worksheets, and a community of strong women. This blueprint teaches you how you can control your body composition using exercise and micronutrients from the ground up.

What does Warrior Babe Workout Include?

Warrior Babe workout mainly consists of cardio, lifting, and HIIT training spaced through the week. This program varies from person to person depending on individual goals.

Is Warrior Babe real?

Yes. Warrior babe also has a youtube channel with several videos of interviewing users where they talk about their experiences and fitness programs. You can also check out the warrior babe Facebook page to see reviews of women.

How do I cancel Warrior Babe?

You can cancel your Warrior babe subscription for products or services from the Company at least five days before the next billing date. You just have to send a cancellation request from your login email address to [email protected]


Warrior Babe is a high-quality, performance workout clothing line that comes at a price. However, the clothes are worth the investment for anyone looking to take their workouts to the next level. The company offers a wide range of products that are perfect for athletes of all levels, and the customer service is excellent. If you’re looking for some new gear to help power your workouts, be sure to check out Warrior Babe.

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