You are currently viewing House passes sweeping gun reform package as Senate talks continue

House passes sweeping gun reform package as Senate talks continue

House passes sweeping gun reform package as Senate talks continue

While some of their friends and loved ones are still buried at home, both the survivors and the families of the victims of the recent mass shootings challenged legislators on Capitol Hill this week to reach an agreement on arms reform negotiations or risk continuing with a trend of 30 years of inaction after the tragedies of Sandy Hook to Parkland.

As the Senate negotiators continued the conversations, the camera approved a radical package on Wednesday, largely in the party lines, called “Protex Our Children,” which would raise the age limit to buy semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 18 to 21 years, High prohibition journals of capacity, create safe storage requirements and tighten the regulation of blows and “ghost guns.”

A handful of members broke ranks in the 223-204 vote, with five Republicans: the representatives Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, Anthony González de Ohio, Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, Chris Jacobs of New York, and Fred Upton of Michigan, supporting the package and the package and the Package and two Democrats, representatives Jared Golden de Maine and Kurt Schrader de Oregon, voting no.

In particular, each Republican who crossed the lines of the party will not return Congress the next term, and Schrader recently lost his democratic primaries. A Republican did not vote.

The president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, shook the vote on Wednesday with a smile while her caucus chewed.

But the leaders of the Republican Party of the House of Representatives withdrew before the vote, with the representative Steve Scalise, Republican of La-la. He has bipartisan conversations such as his counterparts from the Senate.

House passes sweeping gun reform package as Senate talks continue

Although the legislation is condemned in the upper chamber, he intends to pressure Republicans who have hesitated to promulgate or block reform at the federal level, despite the growing calls to change.

The real opportunity to change politics lies in the Senate, where a small group of bipartisan negotiators addresses a weapons reform agreement in principle.

House passes sweeping gun reform package as Senate talks continue
House passes sweeping gun reform package as Senate talks continue

Senator Chris Coons, D-Del., Leaving a meeting with the group of approximately 11 legislators on Wednesday, said they were discussing “a series of concrete proposals” that “expect that the next day is reduced to a framework that includes a broad. Rank of commitments, in terms of amounts and purposes in dollars “.

But the questions remain around what will be included in the final agreement and if it will arrive as much as many Americans demand.

“Somewhere, a mother is listening to our testimony and thinking for herself:” I can’t even imagine her pain, “without knowing that our reality will be yours unless we act now,” said Kimberly Rubio, mother of Lexi Rubio, A fourth-grade student among the 19 children and two teachers killed in Uvalde, Texas. “Then, today, we defend Lexi. And as her voice, we demand action. We seek the prohibition of assault rifles and high capacity magazines.”

“You expect us to continue forgiving and forgetting again and again. And what are you doing?” Garnell Whitfield Jr., son of Ruth Whitfield, the oldest victim of the Buffalo Shooting, who left ten dead black people, asked the senators on Tuesday. “My mother’s life mattered. Your actions here will tell us if and how much you care.”

The winning actor of the Matthew McConaughey Academy Award, who said he learned the responsible property of the weapons that grew in Uvalde, also offered a passionate plea to ​​the White House after pressing legislators on both sides of the corridor this week, saying that Americans are that they are more united on the subject. Of arms, but it is the Congress that is divided.

“Enough of the invalidation on the other side. We go to the common table that represents the American people. Find a midpoint, the place where most Americans live anyway, especially on this issue,” McConaughey said in a speech in a speech long and emotional long. “Because I promise you, the United States, you and me, who, we are not as divided as they tell us that we are.”

The Bipartisan Group of Senators, led by Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut and Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas, aims to smaller the scope of what both victims and President Joe Biden have requested publicly.

Instead of universal background verifications, backed by 89% of Americans according to an ABC News/Washington Post survey, negotiators seek to expand background verifications to analyze youth records.

House passes sweeping gun reform package as Senate talks continue

Concerning red fleet laws, backed by 86% of Americans following the same survey, laws that temporarily eliminate weapons from the hands of people who consider themselves a danger to themselves or for others, for others, The group is considering encouraging states to implement their own, as in opposition to promulgate red flag laws at the federal level.

The financing of states for mental health resources, a measure that Republicans promoted, together with an increase in school safety financing, approximately 80%is completed, according to Senator Bill Cassidy, a republican of the la-la, who is part of the conversations.

Senate Democrats support the extended versions of these measures increasing the age to buy assault weapons from 18 to 21 years but do not have enough Republican support to become law.

Democrats need 10 Senate Republicans to join them in any legislation to comply with the 60 voting threshold required by the filibuster’s rule and allow a bill to advance by the final approval.

It is not clear that there is enough support for a more modest agreement.

Although the Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky expressed a will in private to support the reduction of age to buy assault-style weapons, sources told the correspondent of the ABC News Congress, Rachel Scott, The measure is not clear for most Republicans.

When a CNN reporter asked him why the Americans would need an AR-15, Senator John Thune, R-S.D., said people use them in their state “to shoot the dogs from the prairies and, you know, you already know, Other types of trays. “

Less than 24 hours later, a pediatrician from Uvalde, who treated the massive Robb Elementary School victims, described to the legislators by the house the damage that the Ar-15 of the shooters had to the small bodies.

House passes sweeping gun reform package as Senate talks continue
House passes sweeping gun reform package as Senate talks continue

“Two children, whose bodies had been so sprayed by the bullets that shot them, again and again, whose meat had been shattered, that the only clue about their identities was that blood cartoon clothes still clung to them.” The pediatrician Dr. Roy Guerrero said.

What’s Next? – House passes sweeping gun reform package as Senate talks continue

The leader of the majority of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, has given the negotiators approximately until the end of the week to reach a framework agreement, after which he would take longer to develop the legislative language and obtain the necessary budget analysis.

“I am encouraging my Democratic colleagues to keep talking, to see if the Republicans will work with us to find something that makes a significant change in the life of the American people and stop armed violence,” he said on the floor of the Senate Tuesday. “Making real progress is very important. Senator Murphy has asked the space to continue conversations, and I have given him the space.”

But not all negotiators appear on board with that fast timeline.

The main Republican in the conversations, Senator John Cornyn of Texas, told journalists on Wednesday that his “aspirational objective” would be to reach an agreement “in the next two weeks, at the end of this work period” on June 27.

While negotiators seem to be in a frame agreement for Friday, an assistant of the Republican party familiar with the matter said that each side is still changing paper. It is possible that the members announce an agreement in principle and then take a few more weeks to finish the language, as seen with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Senate Democrats need 10 Republicans to join them in theory, but some think that any agreement will need even more broad republican support to approve; under the thought, more in the Republican party will be willing to support the measure if you have the greatest support. Conference.

If negotiators do not reach an agreement, Schumer has promised to obtain all senators in the registration to hold a vote on the comprehensive legislation of Arms Reform Conde.

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House passes sweeping gun reform package as Senate talks continue

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