Gun Game Map Codes You Should Really Try


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Fortnite Creative is one of the best modes, and the classic Gun Game is by far one of the most popular!

If you’ve played shooters before and know the tactics, you’ll also know how everything works. Every elimination means a new weapon, and the v bucks generator first to get an elimination with every weapon is a winner. How cool is that?

We’ve rounded the best Gun Game map codes that you can try right now in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.

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Gun Game Map Codes You Should Really Try

If you’re into some Gun Game action in Fortnite, those map codes are what you really need!

Let’s check them all out!

Among Us Gun Game: 1665-4835-6529

Source: Epic Games/ Tact

If you love playing Among Us, this gun game map code v bucks generator here could be the perfect Among Us experience! From murder mysteries and chilly encounters to suspense, this LTM takes action on the Skeld, which is the original Among Us map.

FortCraft Gun Game: 3423-7109-4953

Source: Epic Games/ jeremiahg2005

As two of the most beloved and popular games out there, the Fortnite and Minecraft crossovers are totally fantastic! The map looks incredible, there are also 21 weapons to discover and other iconic Minecraft items you shouldn’t miss.

Summer Time Gun Game: 5497-9533-0527

Source: Epic Games/ The Slurp

Hot day at the beach? Checked! Lots of fun? Checked! A boardwalk with fairground games? Also checked! This gun game map code right here is a gold mine for all Slurp Beaches lovers.

The Underworld Gun Game: 5719-7469-6732

Source: Epic Games/ ocdfx

A fiery hell, gargoyle statues, and only one way to save your soul from the inferno! How cool is this? This gun game map code is really from The v bucks generator Underworld!

Terminal (Modern Warfare 2) Gun Game: 4340-5772-0250

Source: Epic Games/ Jakko

The Terminal map has a great Call of Duty vibe from Moder Warfare 2, including a massive plane and plenty of kiosks. What’s great is that up to 16 players can join, and the first to 30 eliminations wins!

N64 GoldenEye Temple: 4396-1463-7998

Source: Epic Games/ junior-chubb

Do you remember the classic N64 multiplayer game GoldenEye 007? Well, this gun game map code right here is a perfect depiction of the beloved game, and there are even five modes based on the original game, such as ou Only Live Twice (Two-Life Deathmatch), Live & Let Die (Deathmatch), Licence To Kill (One-Shot Kill Deathmatch), Living Daylights (Flag Tag), and Golden Gun (Gun Game).