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French Montana & Harry Fraud – Bricks & Bags Lyrics

French Montana & Harry Fraud – Bricks & Bags Lyrics

Description:- Bricks & Bags Lyrics French Montana Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sung by famous singer French Montana, Harry Fraud & Jadakiss featuring Benny The Butcher. This song was released on 22 June 2022.

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Song: Bricks & Bags
Album: Montega
Singer: French Montana, Harry Fraud & Jadakiss
Featuring: Benny The Butcher
Written By: Jadakiss, Harry Fraud, Benny the Butcher & French Montana
Produced by: Harry Fraud
Release Date: 22 June 2022

French Montana & Harry Fraud – Bricks & Bags Lyrics

I should have signed a coke boys but I
Was selling dough boy
Should have signed a coke boys
It was destiny I grinded excessively put
Rocks on the neck of me this coop I got
From dupont registry a standard a hammer

In all my rooms I get a new glock every
Week my old [ _ ] think I’m too rich to Center uber my new [ _ ] wanna get
Pieces made from my jeweler drive-bys
With rugers 20 racks for the shooter the
Fbi heard I can make cocaine like I’m

Scooter a letter to my [ __ ] in jail
Told me bless he said you gotta hold us
Down you the only one left yeah
Responsibility come with that
Opportunity don’t want no crooked
Preacher lying in my eulogy hoes think

They using me I got out the country
Eating beautifully spent a couple
Hundred on a charcuterie raw endorsement
War with law enforcement to my lawn full
Of may backs of small Porsches let’s go

I should have signed coke boys but I
Would sell a dough boy
Signed a coke boy but I was selling coke

Boys charged double in the drought pack
Busted in her stomach started foaming
Out the mouth all strays bro they think
They like sweet and my youngin got the k

Like ski before you try and surf let the
Never let nobody live in your mind for free
And when you get tested you get your
Answers blocked bi**hing jumping like

Miles bridges could have signed cash
Money but I was getting cash money nick
Game flaw ceased next to van gundy coke
Boy co fine had cracked like I was nose

Diving at the met gala with no styles
I should have signed a coke boys but I
Was selling dough boy
I should have signed a coke boys but I
Was selling
The only drill he ever been on was from
Home depot it’s never your enemy is
Always your own people pride was the

Reason he died no ego you know me you
Know me to dawn jada yeah I’m out there
Morning shift with the montague word
Touchdown I stole it I ain’t holding 12
Hours hand in hand no coving we just
Rubber band the money we don’t fold it
As far as the economy goes we control it

You had a little luck and you came up
Ask me fatten all this [ __ ] the game
Up you get your change up just play the
Game prophecy playing with your nose or
Is your vein popping
Knocking off half and zips just another
Day at the office bags and bricks what’s up

Boys but I was selling dope boy
I was selling it all

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