You are currently viewing Cheney’s Jan. 6 committee spotlight burns her in Wyoming primary

Cheney’s Jan. 6 committee spotlight burns her in Wyoming primary

Cheney’s Jan. 6 committee spotlight burns her in Wyoming primary

When the committee of the Chamber investigating the 2021 attack on the American Capitol takes its first public audience on Thursday, representative Liz Cheney will stand out as the Republican who broke the ranks with his party and former President Donald Trump for his role in the incentive to the crowd.

But this national platform and its crusade contribute to the defeat of Cheney with GOP voters at home in Wyoming, according to polls and interviews with state Republicans who say that it is too identified with politics de Washington who harms the de facto chief of his party.

Cheney drags her main GOP rival, lawyer Harriet Hageman by 28-56%, according to a survey chartered by the Hageman Super PAC, Wyoming Values, and NBC News. The investigation was carried out by Tony Fabrizio, who also questioned former President Trump. It follows near other surveys in the state, according to republican initiates.

“I think the race is cooked here against Cheney,” said Republican consultant Bill Cubin. “It would not be as long as she participates in the Committee of January 6 – and yes, many Republicans are uncomfortable with this – but there is this feeling that she no longer represents Wyoming.”

Some supporters of Cheney echo the same feeling in private, but her campaign vehemently denies that she is not often at home or that she has no way of returning before the primary on August 16.

Travis Deti, executive director of the powerful association of Wyoming mines, said that she had been a friend of the industry and the jobs she brings.

“She and her staff are responsive and accessible and have always been there to deliver for us. It is a fact … She served our industry well,” said Deti by SMS.

Last week, Cheney published her first great advertisement in the whole state that tacitly spoke to the challenge by showing off the testimonies of the everyday Wyomingites praising his candidacy and the good faith of the state at home.

The race is a measure of how Republican voters care about the riot of the Capitol on January 6, 2021, and it is also a key test of the power of the approval of Trump, which lost part of his Shine last month in Georgia. The race is one of the most important for Trump because Cheney has become the most frankly calling the republican to call it and attack it for prompting the crowd, which led its political operation to recruit Hageman.

The Wyoming values ​​survey, published the day before the first public hearing of the January 6 committee on Thursday, was led last week to measure the impact of an AD of the three-week pre-Samemorial day by the Super Pat before Trump’s rally in the state for Hageman.

When Hageman entered the race for the first time, she led by 8 points. Now it is 28 points ahead, after the purchase of advertising praised the approval by Trump of Hageman and led Cheney as a tool of the Democratic president of the Nancy Pelosi Chamber, according to Fabrizio surveys On the race taken six months apart.

Three other race Republicans are mired in a single figure, and one recently published an announcement that denounced Cheney’s vote to dismiss Trump. The Conservative Club for Growth, also opposed to Cheney, led an advertisement that compared it to the Rivale de Trump in 2016, Hillary Clinton.

“Not only is Cheney made cream in the ballot, but Wyoming [Republican primary voters] is clear that there is no place to come back to this race,” wrote Fabrizio in a memo by NBC News. “A huge majority of 71% says they will vote against her, 66% of whom will certainly vote against Cheney, whatever she will go. With only 26% saying that they would vote definitively or probably for Cheney, she hit her ceiling on the ballot.

The survey did not directly measure the attitudes about the Capitol riot. An investigation was published at the end of last month, carried out by the club for growth and gave figures similar to the ‘Fabrizio investigation.

The club spokesperson for growth, Joe Kildea, said that the role of Cheney within the January 6 committee and his strident opposition to Trump – who remains a popular figure in the GOP – is too damaging for his candidacy in a primary like that of Wyoming.

“She is definitely on the wrong side of the party,” said Kildea.

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Cheney’s Jan. 6 committee spotlight burns her in Wyoming primary

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