You are currently viewing Britain starts trial of four-day week with thousands of workers

Britain starts trial of four-day week with thousands of workers

Britain starts trial of four-day week with thousands of workers

June 6 — More than 3,300 workers from more than 70 companies in Britain participate in a six-month pilot to investigate the benefits of a four-day work week.

Group 4 Day Week Non-Profit Global organizes the program with Thinktank autonomy and scientists from Cambridge, the University of Oxford, and Boston College.

On Monday, Juliet Schor, a professor of sociology at Boston College, said, “Historical Day of shortening working time.”

“The perfect time after the jubilee. She was very excited about being part of this effort, “she said in the tweet.

Asked if employee participants would continue to perform 40 hours a week, the Schor replied that employees “must have a significant shortening of their working time without losing payment” to take part.

The sample is based on the 100: 80: 100 model, reports Guardian, which means that employees receive 100% with 80% of payments at that time, while they promise to keep 100% performance.

“As you emerge from the pandemic, more and more companies recognize that the new boundary of competition is the quality of life, and reduced work and concentration on production is a vehicle to give them a competitive advantage,” Joe or “Connor, CEO of 4-day a global week, said The Independent.

“The impact of” great resignation “now shows that employees from various industries can bring better results while working briefly and intelligently.”

The pilot appeared when the Institute of Employment Rights, another group of British experts, said that the findings regarding shortening working time without limiting payment are also launching.

Four weekly processes will also start at the end of this year in Spain and Scotland.

“For a long time, we have been a flexible defender of work, but Pandemic moved posts in this regard. Through Bank Charity, the transfer for four days seems to be another natural step, “said Ed Siegel, CEO of CEO Bank, in the comments to the independent.

“The concept of the 20th-century five-day working week is no longer the best option for the 21st-century business. We strongly believe that four weeks without changes in salaries or benefits will create a happier working force and will be Will and will be equally positively influenced by business performance, customer experience, and our social mission. “

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Britain starts trial of four-day week with thousands of workers

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