You are currently viewing Biden touts economic success on Kimmel; Americans respond

Biden touts economic success on Kimmel; Americans respond

Biden touts economic success on Kimmel; Americans respond

During his interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the Americans of a Garden State service station shared their reflections on Thursday on President Biden praising economic conditions in the United States.

“I think inflation will harm the economy in the future,” Tom, New Jersey, in Fox News. “He doesn’t seem to stop, and oil and gas, I don’t see it alleviate so that it will hurt.”

But Luis, also from New Jersey, said: “I think we are growing up very quickly in the United States so I would agree with him.”

The appearance of Biden on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Wednesday evening marked its first network interview in 118 days. Biden promoted the economy’s success but said inflation is the “scourge of our existence.”

Some were not sure of the economy’s success but felt the daily impact of the price increase.

“I do not know how much the economy is going,” said Hémish, from Brooklyn. “But I know inflation is very high, and everyone is frustrated.”

Inflation reached a 40 -year record in 2022, according to the Ministry of Labor.

“Times are really difficult at the moment with the prices of the gas up, and each article when I go shopping is 20% more post-firing,” Kathy, a New Jersey resident in Fox News.

During the spot with the actor, Biden hit former president Trump, teased potential decrees concerning abortion, and said that the White House had had major successes that he had not communicated well.

Tom said he couldn’t have the major success that Biden had marked.

“I can’t, Joe, either,” Tom told Fox News. “He says” Jimmy Kimmel Live! “- As come, he is the President of the United States. He is desperate.”


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Biden touts economic success on Kimmel; Americans respond

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