You are currently viewing 9 arrested after vicious assault on women in north China

9 arrested after vicious assault on women in north China

9 arrested after vicious assault on women in north China

Hong Kong: The Chinese authorities arrested nine people suspected of having violently attacked several women in a restaurant after images of attacking the attack sparked a general indicative.

Images of a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan in the north of the Hebei province, a horodor at 2:40 am on Friday, showed one of the men approaching a table where a group of four women was seated and placing Her hand on a woman’s back.

She pushed it back several times before flying in a rage and slapping it, encouraging it to retaliate. A fight ensued, with a group of men entering the restaurant and brutally attacking the woman and her catering partners, including pushing them to the ground, kicking them, and even throwing a chair.

Images were taken from the outside of the restaurant also showed that the attackers dragged the woman who had initially pushed the man’s advances out of the establishment before being violently beaten, along with most passers-by and customers of the restaurant.

Photographs of her lying on a stretcher with a swollen and bloody face, and images of the attack, have become viral online.

Assault and outcry have renewed a conversation on the misogyny and the ill-treatment of women in China. Earlier this year, a viral video of a woman chained to a wall in a cabin attracted the public counterpoup after the authorities initially denied that she was the victim of the trafficking of human beings. She was then deemed sold as a bride.

According to a statement from the authorities published on the Microblogging Weibo platform, the nine suspects were arrested on Saturday.

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Two women had also suffered injuries that did not take life to live and received treatment in a hospital. Their condition would have been stable. Two others were slightly injured.

The images of what happened inside and outside the restaurant were less than five minutes long. Weibo user, who was among the first to publish the videos, said in an article that it was “heartbreaking” to watch.

“Does that mean eating outside is so dangerous now? Do we have to bring men with us wherever we go?” The message read. “(These men) are not different from the thugs.”

When reached, the user refused to reveal the source of the videos, declaring that he was “annoying” to do so. Sunday, the video of the images filmed inside the restaurant had collected more than 68 million views, while the images showing the graphic assault outside the restaurant had been removed.

Social media users condemned the attack and criticized Tangshan police for having been slow in arresting the suspects.

“I am a woman, and I have a daughter,” said a Weibo user with the Baobaomaodaren handle. “I wonder-as I create value for society and disseminate a positive energy, will this company protect my child and me?”

The CCTV state diffuser said in an online commentary that suspects should be arrested as quickly as possible and “seriously punished by the law” to consider the victims and the public.

News researchers from the Associated Press, Caroline Chen and Henry Hou, in Beijing, contributed to this report.

9 arrested after vicious assault on women in north China

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